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The spiritual world of dogs
their whereabouts after death

Dedicated to my dogs "Nuts & Fran"

When a beloved dog dies, everyone wants to know the spiritual world of the dog. The sad feeling may only be understood by oneself. I lost my beloved Corgi dog "Fran" at the age of six and a half. It was due to a mistake in my hospital choice. I blamed myself and experienced the depth of sadness. At that time, I wanted to know the afterlife of dogs.
For example, does a dog have an afterlife? If so, what kind of world is it? Are the dead dogs living well? Is there a reason for the encounter between the dog and the owner? Can I see a dog in heaven after my death? Isn't the dog resenting me? Will dogs be reborn? Can I talk to a heavenly dog? And so on, there is no end. After the death of the dog, it became an inevitable and important theme for me, who fell into pet loss. I have read more than 20 books about the afterlife of dogs. Next, I've summarized the points I want to keep in mind and made it easier to understand.

When sadness strikes, when regrets dominate, and when I wish for the future happiness of a deceased dog, I face this page I made. This page will heal my broken heart. I also learned that the people who lost their dogs read this page and healed their hearts. I felt it was useful for many people.
By the way, I hope that people all over the world who suffer from pet loss will be aware of the "reincarnation of the dog's soul" and become one of the healing methods. That's why I made an English version.
In the winter of 2021, Fran's senior dog "Nuts" died chasing Fran. I want to dedicate this page to nuts and flan.



When a dog dies, heavenly animals and humans connected in the past come to pick it up. Both humans and dogs are spiritual beings. The soul lives forever. Deep bonds and bonds are never broken, and new "new relationships" are born. The dog's soul has become pure love, pouring generous love from heaven.
We also know that dogs are "soul beings." Dogs are not afraid of death and are not obsessed with the body.Death is when the soul takes off the body. It is to move the place where the soul lives to "a world with different vibrations". It is to return to my nostalgic hometown. It is a pleasure to return to "eternal hometown". So accept death straight and move forward.
If you're wondering, "Is my dog really happy?", The correct answer is, "If I'm happy, my dog is happy too." The feeling of regret for a dead dog is a sign of love. It's proof that I regret it because I loved it so much. Happiness is not the length of a lifetime. It's how much love you put into it. Also, the soul does not die. So liberation from the body can be salvation.

The most important thing for dogs is "now". Dogs live this moment simply. Dogs don't mourn the past or worry about tomorrow. This is because the soul knows the "mechanism of life" that is eternity.Dogs also know the essence and providence of nature. No matter what choice the owner makes, the dogs have no negative feelings. Dogs love their owners, believe purely, and focus on fulfilling their mission. When the dogs need help, ask God directly for help.

The soul is a shapeless energy of light full of beautiful colors. When a dog dies, the new life soul is vaporized outside the body and can be assimilated with the atmosphere. Then go straight to the "hometown of the soul" in heaven. There is no case of wandering around like a human spirit. Animals and humans return to different places. Death is the return to the home of the soul, and the happiness of being able to return home nostalgic.
The pet dogs who took off their bodies are full of liberation. By returning to the original soul, it feels like a "relief breath". After being greeted, the soul is led to the most appropriate class of equal spirituality. Then rest for the time being, replenish energy and recover.
Next, look back on your life on earth, verify it as a guiding spirit, learn the challenges of your next life, and live with a purpose. Of course, I also enjoy playing a lot. The place and environment to be reborn are chosen by the guiding spirit in consideration of the wishes and characteristics of the dog. In addition, there is a guiding spirit in the dog world as well as in the human world.
In addition, the soul of a dog loved by humans maintains its outer shape. Wait for the owner to arrive in a world divided by animal type. The souls of wild animals and livestock that have never been loved by humans are absorbed by group splits (collection of spirits) for each animal and lose their individuality. However, there is a theory that dogs also live with wild animals.

The heavens are in a different dimensional space that looks just like the earth. It is not far from the earth. Exists in a different dimension in this place where we live. The dogs in heaven spend their lives in their favorite form and basically act alone.
Also, the soul is very free and the movement is teleportation. Since it has no shape, it can be scattered at the same time. Dogs are free to meet dead animals and humans, have everything they like, and do whatever they want. A paradise that is kept in a warm and perfect environment, has all the beautiful things of the earth, and goes above it. Dogs can go anywhere they like and become the wind and light in sync with the expansive landscape. Many dogs are calm and enjoyable, and are much happier than when they are on the ground. Even if there is a physical disability, after death it will return to a complete body and there will be no pain or suffering. The spiritual body is never injured.

While living in heaven, sometimes go home and enjoy a nostalgic atmosphere.Some dogs are looking forward to going back and forth between heaven and home,offering gohan and snacks.Dogs are delighted with the same behavior they had in their lifetime and prefer places they loved in their lifetime.Even if you can't see it, the dog always feels your love beside you.In the case of a multi-headed dog, the soul may temporarily possess a fellow dog and perform the same gestures as a dog in life.Dogs can also see dead dogs, wandering around, chasing them with their eyes, and leaving their place.
Also, when thinking about or talking about dogs, the owner's aura (orange aura for animal lovers) calls out, and the dog comes to the owner's side. No matter how many years, no matter where you are or on a trip, you can instantly connect with your soul by calling your deceased dog.If you are reincarnated and reborn, you may not come even if you call. However, the evolving and growing soul can divide its energy into the heavens and the earth, so it can communicate even if it is reborn for many years.

Connection / mission
Each dog has a mission, a way to go, every life and death has meaning, and there is always a plan. The relationship between the dog and its owner is not a coincidence. There is always a reason to meet, and they come by choosing their own owner. A special relationship with the owner that has fostered bonds many times since the past. A mysterious relationship that has been connected by a rainbow-colored code from the past life and continues beyond life and death. There is always a point of contact in the past, and there is a deep connection that needs each other.
Then, with an important message, visit you, fulfill your mission, and return to the sky. However, in some cases, they make the decision to be reborn to another human being and live as guided. The ideal life of dogs is to give humans unconditional love and be with their owners. By the way, humans just intend to raise their dogs. In fact, humans are raised by their dogs.

The soul looks back on the experience on earth in heaven and decides "what to do next". Dogs are free to choose whether to reincarnate with a new body or remain in the soul. In the case of reincarnation, the soul is needed two years after death, and a new mission and a new body are given from heaven and reborn under the soul-level relationship with the new owner. If you haven't fulfilled your mission or have left behind, try to reincarnate as soon as possible without waiting for two years. It may not be reborn even after decades, and the period will vary depending on the path each person wants and chooses.
There is also a theory that it is common for people to reincarnate in about eight years. Also, when reborn under the same owner, there are often special reasons. In the case of a dog that does not choose to reincarnate, it can also be the "guidance spirit" of the existence that guides the souls of friends in heaven.
In addition, dogs are living in this world knowing the reincarnation. Even if you reincarnate, you will not lose the memory of the past life. This is because this world knows that it is a "temporary temporary residence for the soul." The reason for repeating reincarnation is to learn the given tasks and grow the soul. By fulfilling the thoughts and missions that could not be fulfilled in the past life in this world, dogs can take the next step in the afterlife.
In the process of soul growth, it is necessary to accumulate experience centered on pets, so dogs are not always reborn as dogs. However, dogs are second only to humans, who are at the top of the pyramid. The more often the dog's soul has reincarnated and observed humans, the sooner it will be reborn as the ultimate goal of humans. By the way, the human soul does not retreat to animals no matter how many times it is reborn.
By the way, the process of soul growth is not always friendly and loving. For example, a harsh environment is required to learn "despair." Difficult lessons learned from negative situations can grow the soul as much as a positive and happy experience.

Death is a great comfort to the soul of a dog. It is a gratitude to see off so that we can return to the spiritual world as soon as possible. If you say thank you, your dog can return to heaven with peace of mind. It is not good to mourn more than necessary after death. It's hard to see the sadness of a beloved owner in heaven. Dogs sincerely hope that their owners will be well. Therefore, the best repayment is to live a life that does not worry about the pet dog that left earlier.
Death is a fate that can never be resisted and the providence of nature. We also need love to accept and let go of the process of soul growth. Also, when he dies, it is often the day when the owner's convenience is taken into consideration. Ask God for the hope of the day to return, and God will come true. In addition, although the Buddhahood may be delayed due to concerns about the sad owner, it will not prevent him from going to heaven.

The deceased dog will appear in the owner's dream after a while. I want to convey that I am very energetic and happy. There are two conditions that appear in a dream. The owner's feelings are organized and Pet's soul is stable. Immediately after the Buddhahood, the soul is unstable. Although there are individual differences, it stabilizes after 2 weeks to 1 month, so it is possible to descend to this world. If you send a "I want to see you" before you go to sleep, it will appear in your dreams when a heavenly dog catches telepathy. In many cases, when the owner is mentally calm and the sadness of bereavement has healed a little, he can meet again. It may not appear due to the compassion from the dogs, "Don't let the owner feel lonely."

Dogs know that they can reunite with their owners in heaven. When the owner dies, love draws each other's souls. And the moment the owner passes through the front door of the heavens, the dog definitely finds the owner and rushes with joy and courage. Of course, without exception, even if the dog has already reincarnated. This is a gratitude to the owner who loved me. The owner realizes his death by reuniting with the heavenly dog. And by acting together, you can feel at ease and get used to life in the spirit world. Dogs will feel even more happy when their families are together. Of course it is possible to live together.
Even if dogs and humans return to different worlds, they will be able to talk with dogs because the world is telepathic. You can talk even if your dog has reincarnated. By the way, the years of this world such as 10 years and 20 years are a short period in heaven.
There is also a specialist in heaven who takes care of dogs, supporting their lives in heaven while waiting for their owners to arrive. Many of these people couldn't keep their favorite dog. These people have a deep love for dogs and are trusted by heavenly dog lovers. If you can't meet your dog again in heaven, ask these people to find and bring you your dog in another area. Therefore, it is also called a "tracker".
By the way, some people experience the "Psychopomp" in which their heavenly pet dog appears at the time of death. Within almost a week, these people set out to sleep really peacefully. This is also a repayment from the dog. In many cases, humans and dogs have a connection in the previous life. So, as I repeat reincarnation, one day I will meet my dog again in this world.

When the dogs die, they leave a piece of soul in their owner's heart so that they can always be in touch. When the owner thinks of his dog in heaven, dogs can feel the owner as well. And just by talking lovingly to the photo, your thoughts will reach you. "When the owner is sad, the dog is painful", "When the owner laughs, the dog is happy". Therefore, it is better to have a positive story such as reporting the latest situation rather than a story such as "I am sad because I am dead". The dogs are very happy to express their gratitude for being with them.
Also, since bones and souls are different, dogs basically have no attachment or attachment to bones or bodies. Dogs cannot understand the handling and rituals of human ashes. The most important thing for a pet dog is whether he can stay alive in the owner's mind. This world is the beginning of a story with a pet dog. The main story begins after passing the passing point of death. And the bond between the two grows brighter.

Do you use the "power of love" you received from your dog for regret, guilt, sadness, hatred, and so on? You must have learned from your dog to use it for happiness, the power to live, and kindness. Also, do you regret because you seek your ideal self even though there can be no perfect human being? In such a case, it is important to think that "My dog ??was not my ideal me, but loved me as it was ...". If you blame yourself, your dog doesn't want you to hurt or suffer. Forgive yourself for your dog. That is important. By the way, even if you carry a sin and atone, it will not be atone if your dog does not want it. And the Atonement is for you. Not for your dog.
Even if a new dog is welcomed due to various ties, the deceased pet dog will never be jealous. When she sees her beloved, she feels happy, "I was the same," and smiles in heaven and by your side. In addition, the deceased dog may create an encounter with a new dog, looking at the sad owner.
The dogs came to see you. The life of a dog has not disappeared from the world. You can't see your dog, but you're always walking with it in your heart. That is the bond that we will meet again in heaven in this world and in the afterlife.
Also, the happy and happy days of living with dogs will save one's heart someday, and the sadness and suffering of losing one's dog will one day save someone's heart.

Last thing I want to tell you

There are various religions in the world, and Buddhism advocates reincarnation. But some other religions deny the existence of the soul. So some people may not believe the existence of the dog's soul. However, there is only one afterlife. It does not change depending on the religion. So, when you want to confirm the existence of the dog's soul, it is better to be closer to the thimble naturally and try "whether you can feel it". This is because the soul is actually in an unknown realm of nature. In my case, I'm trying various ways to connect with my dogs in heaven and to find the one that suits me best. It is also my own healing.

Write osamu yasuda 丂Published 2021.7.9 丂From okinawa in Japan